Dearly Beloved We Are Gathered Here…

Today I had to drive my in-laws to a funeral in a small Texas town about sixty miles away. My in-laws are in their 90’s and the relative that had passed away was a 94 year old distant cousin. But longevity was not what caught my attention. Nor the small town country folk that showed up wearing suits and dresses to blue jeans and T shirts. A sense of fashion and respect for the deceased had passed away years before.

Never-the-less, most of the people attending the service were around 65 plus with a large populous of octogenarians and a few, like my in-laws, nonagenarians. I had an epiphany that everyone there probably sat and pondered over the open casket wondering about their own funeral. Thoughts like, ” Who would be at my funeral.” “Well…she does look pretty good for her age and after all she is dead.”

I guess what I am saying is this; even if you don’t believe in an afterlife you still wonder what happens. Is there really a soul, does God exist and is there really a Hell? I, for one, truly believe that God created everything and in an understanding that transcends our human thought. Humans think in a linear fashion and I believe that from time-to-time God reveals glimpses of wonderful things to come. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in some type of evolution but a greater being had to have started the whole thing off with a bang. If it isn’t a master plan then why are we the only species of have thoughts, speech and imagination, to name a few?

So the next time you attend a funeral, you might want to ask some “Soul searching” questions of yourself. But you really shouldn’t wait for a funeral because the next one might be yours. OOPS!  Too late!


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