Protecting Your Brand

When your Sales Force is out in the field presenting your services or product do you ever wonder if they are promising anything to make the sale?

Do they erode your marketing departments efforts to build and support your brand?

Does recreating sales presentation modules by the Sales Force dilute the work of marketing strong branding graphics?

Does the overall marketing plan take a hit every time your “Message” is off target?


Flexibility and intuitiveness are the hallmarks of Perfect Pitch™. The software enables you to quickly and easily create and customize animated, dynamic sales/marketing/training presentations with your own content, using “content modules.”

Content modules are the building blocks of Perfect Pitch™ presentations. They can be fully customized using your videos, text, and “include” files (such as Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, or Excel spreadsheets), all of which can be easily programmed into custom modules via the Perfect Pitch™ Selector.

These modules are dynamically displayed in the Perfect Pitch Presenter™. Once you have created content modules you can use them in any combination at any time, and you can save any combination as “Preset” presentations to reuse.

The Perfect Pitch™ presentation structure allows you to showcase these content modules via four major categories (one of which is “About Us”) and a Home, or “Featured” page. While the About Us category name is preset, you can change the other three major major category names at any time. Your Perfect Pitch Presenter™ presentation will automatically reflect category name changes from the Selector.

The Perfect Pitch™ software bundle includes the Perfect Pitch Selector and the Perfect Pitch Presenter™ (the deluxe version of Perfect Pitch™ includes the Administrator Portal).

The learning curve is low and if you can create in Microsoft Power Point™ you are 90% there already.

THE PERFECT PITCH™ SELECTOR is the portal used to customize presentations.

THE PERFECT PITCH™ PRESENTER is the dynamic presentation which showcases your selected content modules.

I WILL SEND YOU A GREAT DEMO.     Stephen@StephenPatterson.info


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