Coming Home To Texas!

Well things might start getting back to strange, which is normal for me. After 2 years in Florida and the job opportunities slim, my wife Brenda and I decided to return home to Texas. The move had mixed feelings for us because of the wonderfully close relationships we had made while living in Delray Beach.

Most of our friends were in our Church and living next to us in our small but beautiful condo apartment. Also Florida is where both my best friends passed away…Barkley and Stella. We had to put Barkley down about a year ago when he developed cancer and went fast. Holding him as they put him to sleep was about the hardest thing I have endured…but I promised him I would be there with him.

My beautiful girlfriend Stella hung on to the very end. Brenda and I prayed that we would not have to go through they pain again of putting her down as well. We wanted her to be home with us when her time came. She became unable to walk but tried hard every day to manage the stairs. Finally one night she just laid down on the floor and we knew it was just a matter of time. Brenda spoke softly to her as I looked into her eyes to say goodbye. She died that night.

We miss them both every day and refer to them as if they were still with us. They will be when we cross Rainbow Bridge together.


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