A Letter To My Son

Dear Jason,

I write this to you because you are on the doorstep of an ever changing part of your life. You have endured many things so far; lost to some and defeated others. But now there is a chapter in your Book of Life that will change you forever.

That Chapter is entitled ” Now You Are A Dad”

As your mind travels through this chapter you will be filled with overwhelming moments of the first time you saw her face. The first time you touched her fragile tiny body. A sense of protector, defender and champion will fill you like rain from the sky…and you won’t want to come in from the rain. You will dance in it as I did.

You see for the next many years you will reap the love and the life you get from her. You will hold her high in the eyes of God and lead her to the best you pray she will be.

But you will also have to deal with the pain. Because life is not without pain, sadness, disappointment and tears. You will make it through those dark days just as I did because you are a child of God.

This part of the Life Story brings emotions and feelings that will be your memories forever. This chapter brings fear, laughter and above all responsibility. Now that you have been given great responsibility, you have been asked to hold the commission of being a Dad. Not just a Father…but a Dad.

Now you must wash dirty hands and faces. you will pick out dresses, post drawings on the refrigerator, attend birthday parties and soccer games on cold Saturday mornings. You are required to meet her teachers, check her homework and hopefully approve of boyfriends.

You must teach her to walk in the footsteps of right and wrong. You will pick here up when she falls…physically and spiritually. You applaud her when she does something right and you guide her when she has done something wrong. But more than anything you tell her you love her.

She will  make you smile, even laugh, undoubtedly question, always wonder, sometimes cry, continually pray and often become confused and exasperated. But that’s all part of your job.

Respect that job.

Do that job even if you are tired from work, hurt by her words, angry at someone or seemingly defeated by the world. The only pay you will ever receive is an “I love you Dad.” And that’s worth the effort.


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