Tough finding a job?

Everyone knows the economic times are very difficult. People have been fired, laid off, riffed or whatever you want to call it. But whatever the term…they don’t have a job.

Recently a friend was just given notice that her job at United Way would be cut. Her last day will be June 30th. Today she emailed me to say she was picked up by another organization and will get to go straight to work without any time off. Of course I was excited for her because she is a friend.

However, a little bit of jealousy crept in when I heard of her new found fortune. You see the company I was with, as Vice President of Marketing, closed in September of 2008 and I have been unemployed ever since. Oh, don’t say, “You could get a job if you look hard enough.” Well today I have applied for over 2,600 position and received only five interviews.

Three of the five positions were for executive positions and I interviewed all the way to the president of each company. After the interviews I waited and waited for an answer as to the status. In each case I never received anything as an answer. The only way I knew I did not get the job was to call and ferret out an answer.

Which brings me to my main point. What has happened to common courtesy in the workplace? Not at just an executive level, but all levels.

I hear from many people that they never got a notice after they interviewed…at any level. I may be very old fashioned but common courtesy should not be something that we as a civilized society lets die. Other than the ability to accessorize, civilized behavior is what sets us apart from animals.

Although Human Resource is not there to find an applicant but to disqualify applicants, they should at the least have a system to notify those applicants that have a face-to-face interview.

I still send in the applications, attend networking events, utilize Twitter, Linkedin.com and all of the other methods of personal contacts, nothing seems to create results. Whether it is skills set, ethnicity, age or whatever the reason I am not hired, at least give me some feeback as to why. It might help me and rebirth sensibility of politeness in others which just might let your conscience know you “did the right thing.”


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